MEXICO — Police Chief Roy Hodsdon warned residents Thursday about an ongoing telephone scam in which people impersonate the IRS and demand money.

Hodsdon said a resident recently received a call from individuals claiming to be from the IRS.

“They told the resident that they owed a lot of money in back taxes, and that they had to send money to the IRS or else they would send people to seize the resident’s assets,” Hodsdon said. “As a result of that call, that individual lost $3,000.”

Hodsdon said the scammers have been asking people to go to Wal-Mart and get a money order to transfer the funds.

“This is definitely a scam, and we’re asking anybody who receives a call similar to this to let us know,” Hodsdon said. “IRS employees would never request money over a phone call. They would send a letter, or directly send an agent to that person’s house.”

The Police Department is hoping to get the $3,000 back for the resident,, Hodsdon said.

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