RUMFORD — This week’s snowfall in the River Valley was not quite on par with other sections of the state, but it was enough to fix some of the snowmobile trails.

The storm, which dumped more than 2 feet in some towns, came a week after rain, freezing rain and warm weather swept through the River Valley, wreaking havoc on several of the town’s snowmobile trails.

The Rumford Polar Bear Snowmobile Club reported its trails received 20 inches of snow during Tuesday’s blizzard, and that members Bob Milligan and Carroll York were grooming many of the trails near Rumford Point.

Harold Hutchins, trailmaster of the Andover Snow Valley Sno-Goers Snowmobile Club, said Andover received about a foot of snow, which is “a good place to start” in rehabilitating the town’s trails.

“Right now, one of the guys that works with the club is out grooming the trails,” Hutchins said. “The trails still aren’t going to be perfect, even with the big storm, but it’s a lot better than it was before. I know we’re supposed to get more snow on Friday and maybe next week, so that will help even more.”

Some of the Andover trails still have icy spots, Hutchins said, adding “three trouble spots out of 30 or so miles of trails is not bad at all.”


“I’m looking forward to getting out there in the next few days so I can continue to pack down the snow,” Hutchins said. “I’m hoping to make an inch or so of new snow on top of the base.”

The snowmobile trails in Newry have not been groomed after the blizzard, according to Sandy Dunn, wife of Windy Valley Snowmobile Club trail master Leon Dunn in Newry.

“Before the storm came, we were already in pretty good shape,” Dunn said. “Right now, we just have to wait until some of our helpers come out and groom the trails. I like to call them our weekend warriors.”

Despite the heavy snowfall, many snowmobile clubs warned residents to be patient and let the trailmasters groom the trails.

“We know everyone is excited about the newly fallen snow, but please use caution,” Mexico Trailblazers Snowmobile Club posted on its Facebook page Wednesday morning. “Snowmobile clubs are trying to get the trails as quickly as possible. The trail you used just two days ago has definitely changed since then. Mother Nature is starting to be good to us, but she still needs to be respected.”

The Maine Snowmobile Association agreed in a post of its own, writing, “Remember, trails don’t groom themselves and the folks that do the hard work have wives and kids and jobs and homes that need to be tended to. Your patience will be appreciated and rewarded.”

The Rumford Polar Bears Snowmobile Club said that despite trailmasters Tom Reed and Gene Knox packing the new snow, it will take “several days” to get the trails completely packed down.

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