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There are various theories as to the origin of the word “honeymoon.” One such theory suggests the word traces its origins to the Old English phrase “hony moone,” which suggests the honeymoon was initially steeped in cynicism. “Hony” is a reference to honey and, the theory suggests, refers to the strong feelings of affection and sweetness newly married couples harbor and display for each other. However, “moone” is a reference to how fleeting this period of time is and how it is likely to change as quickly as the moon changes. One rosier theory as to the origin of the word “honeymoon” suggests the word dates back to the fifth century, when calendars were based on the moon cycle. During this period, newly married couples drank mead (which accounts for the “honey”) throughout their first month of marriage (or for a full cycle of the moon), as mead was a beverage many believed to be an aphrodisiac.

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