And when Belinda and Mike Garon, of Minot, became engaged in October 2013, that’s exactly what they wished for on their special day.

“We wanted our wedding to reflect our individuality and lifestyle,” said Belinda. “It was important to us for our wedding to be comfortable and not too formal, but still beautiful and elegant. We wanted it to include elements of nature with flowers, butterflies, stones, and candlelight and we wanted our guests to not only be spectators at our wedding, but to also be included in the celebration of our love.”

Chockfull of creativity, Belinda pulled off a wedding that was as beautiful and charming as the bride.

The venue they chose was the barn at Hardy Farm in Fryeburg, where the interior had been white-washed and renovated, complete with a mezzanine that overlooked the entire barn. The grounds were overflowing with vast gardens in full bloom, including blue coneflowers and honeysuckle and a path that gave way to a large gazebo perfect for photo taking.

The bride wore a white, strapless gown with a simple, yet stunning tiara and carried flowers of white peonies, roses and baby’s breath with accents of pink peonies and astilbe. The guys wore tuxes; Mike’s tie and vest were platinum, the groomsmen’s attire matched the bridesmaid’s dresses.

Using a spectrum of radiant summer colors, the July 2, late-afternoon wedding was highlighted with the colors of eggplant, pink, silver and white.


“The colors were perfect,” said Belinda. “My bridesmaids actually picked the color eggplant for their dresses and, between that, the barn and gardens, it really set the tone for the wedding.”

As the bride walked down the aisle, hundreds of white butterflies were hung from the beams giving the appearance that they were fluttering throughout the entire ceremony to give their blessings.

A beautiful chandelier hung from the ceiling as well as candles placed throughout giving a pleasant glow to the atmosphere and white-washed letters spelling Garon were placed above the barn door. Three-dimensional flowers were placed around the arched mirrors bringing even more summer into the barn.

During the service the guests were included in a ring-warming ceremony, which signifies how everyone around the bride and groom, in some way, had influenced their lives.

“Our wedding bands were tied together and displayed in a beautiful, jewelry box embellished with a butterfly,” said Belinda. “The box was passed to the 90 guests in attendance to hold, make a wish or say a prayer. It made everyone feel a part of the ceremony.”

The reception was also held in the barn with centerpieces of white branches in vases with white and gray stones. Belinda and Mike had a sweetheart table complete with a tulle tablecloth with lights shimmering through its skirting.


The couple decided to not have a sit-down or buffet-style meal.

“We had the caterer pass out hor d’oeuvres and set up food stations,” explained Belinda. “Guests were able to linger, sit where they desired and eat when and what they wanted. Many slipped up to the mezzanine and enjoyed sitting and having quiet conversation. It really worked out well.”

One great conversational piece was the “Visitor” sign that was tucked into one of the nearby gardens.

“It looked much like the famous Maine signpost with local towns and mileages,” said Mike. “But ours had the names of towns and miles that people traveled to come to our wedding.”

The couple had a butterfly release and guests were given wedding favors of flower seed paper shaped like butterflies, which were hanging on branches near the door.

Another distinctive idea was having a mid-week wedding.


“The Hardy Farm was my dream wedding location, but it was booked on every weekend,” sighed the bride. “They suggested a mid-week wedding, which many vendors offer discounts for and we explored the option. We looked into the week of the [July] Fourth, since many people are on vacation anyway. We spoke to close friends and family members and it was going to work.”

“It made for something different,” added Mike. “But it also gave us a chance, before the wedding to spend time with people who had come from out of town.”

Weather did play quite a role in the Garons’ day, but with a bit of pre-planning and a great attitude, this couple embraced the rain showers that fell during the ceremony.

“It was a beautiful, warm sunny day … until an hour before the ceremony,” said Mike.

“After all those months of planning!” added Belinda. “We had to make a last-minute decision to bring everything inside, but we had discussed the possibility at rehearsal. Fortunately we chose a location that was beautiful inside and out, and with staff and a caterer that had dealt with this before, made it much easier for us to be flexible. Instead of the gazebo, the wedding was inside the barn and we couldn’t release butterflies to the perfect song at the carefully selected moment in the ceremony, but there was no point in getting upset over it.”

The wedding couple believes it turned out better than planned.


“Although it poured, it thundered and my hair went completely flat it really ended up being perfect inside. We also had to dodge rain drops for the few outdoor pictures we were able to take,” said Belinda.

“But, it was our wedding day … rain or shine,” said Mike. “And it was beautiful.”

Make your big day as unique as you are

By Brandpoint

(BPT) — Weddings are steeped in tradition — no matter whom you are or where you live. But what if you’re not interested in wearing the same dress your mother did, getting married in the same location your sister did or wearing something blue?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Plenty of brides search for ways to make their special day as unique as they are. Here are five ways to put your own special spin on this classic tradition.


* A guest book you’ll use. Signing the guest book is a common tradition at most weddings; you’ve probably signed a few in your lifetime. After the wedding is over, however, this priceless keepsake often disappears into a box never to be seen again. Break from tradition by creating a guest book you’ll actually use. Take a trip to the book store with your partner and browse the coffee table books. Once you find one that interests both of you, claim it as your guest book. Your wedding guests can sign their names in the margins and afterwards you’ll be left with a permanent, functional guest book to display for visitors and friends.

* Dance under the stars. Looking to create a one-of-a-kind wedding? Don’t rent the same ballroom as all of your friends. Host your reception outdoors. You can rent a dance floor from a local rental facility and trained technicians will arrive to set it up easily. You’ll dance on a traditional wood floor while looking up at the stars — what could be more original than that? Don’t forget to rent a tent so that weather doesn’t dampen the mood. You can find more unique flooring ideas at, where you can locate your local rental store.

* Treasure the memories. Get your guests involved in the event by placing blank cards and pens at each seat location. Ask your guests to write about their favorite memory of you and/or your spouse. Collect all of these cards and turn them into a scrapbook for a treasured keepsake.

* Prepare a menu that is uniquely you. Chocolate fountains were once unique and elegant, but now they’re commonplace. Don’t despair, though, because there are plenty of unique edible snack options you can include in your special day. If you’re getting married in the blistering heat, rent a snow cone machine to offer your guests some sweet relief. If you and your spouse are big movie buffs or your wedding has a Hollywood theme, rent a popcorn machine to complete the look. And for the bride who’s still a kid at heart, nothing captures that better than renting an authentic cotton candy machine.

* Find the color that suits you. Maybe wearing something blue doesn’t suit you, but perhaps you’re not too wild about black and white either. At many venues, though, these colors are the only choices you have when it comes to tablecloths and napkins. Remember, you don’t have to settle; you can provide your own materials simply by renting them. This opens up a color palette of limitless options. If you are planning a fall wedding, look for napkins that reflect the colors of the leaves. Did you meet in college? Choose linens in your school’s colors. Whatever shade speaks to you, you can find it and give your wedding a look no one will expect.

Keep the tradition, but be uniquely you with options limited only by your own imagination. To learn more about what you can rent and how renting can help you create the wedding you’ve always wanted, visit

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