I recently attended an Edward Little High School versus Lewiston High School hockey game. I sat and watched the students in the stands supporting their teams, but realized that the high schools just don’t have the support they once had. Between both cities, the population is approximately 60,000 and yet the stands were not full.

I remember the days of standing room only at the games and not just because there were so many students supporting their peers. In those days, the residents of the towns would be there, too, cheering on the future of their community and the young people who had put in lots of time and dedication to their sport.

However, it isn’t just the athletic teams that seem to lack support. There are many other activities that could use support from the community and from their peers.

Recently, I attended a play that was put on by Edward Little students. I was disturbed to see hardly anyone there. The theater seats more than 200 people but was sadly vacant. Those kids work hard and put a lot of time into what they do but get little or no support. They are the entertainers of tomorrow.

Why is it so hard to support these kids?

Peers should be there to support peers. Upper and lower classmen should be there to have each other’s backs, whether they know someone performing/playing or not.

Twin City residents should also show some support for our future generations.

Darcy Phinney, Auburn

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