Recently, an amazing thing happened to me. I was driving down Farwell Street and as I approached Farwell School, a high-school-age young man wearing an ROTC uniform saluted me as I approached where he was standing and drove by him. He must have noticed the veteran’s license plate with a Vietnam service badge on my vehicle.

Even though I am not a veteran, my husband is.

I was deeply moved by that young man’s quick action and his recognition of someone who served in the military. My husband was not in the vehicle at the time. I could not wait to get home to tell him what had happened.

I do not know who the young man was but I truly thank him, from the bottom of my heart, for his thoughtful act.

My husband and I send thanks to him and all the other ROTC students who will someday serve in our armed forces in order to fight for and preserve the freedoms we now all enjoy and many times take for granted.

We wish you all godspeed.

Debbie and Jerry Blais, Lewiston

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