LEWISTON — Ahhh, winter may be coming to an end, but the red ink from snow removal is showing up like mud in March.

Lewiston School Superintendent Bill Webster tweeted a photo of snow being removed from the roof of the Lewiston Regional Technical Center last month. The pile nearly reached the roof.

Webster tweeted that while reviewing the budget this week, “we have spent $134,000 on snow removal, including roofs, so far.” The snow removal budget for the entire winter was $109,000.


The Auburn School Department also had high snow removal bills: $4,500 for heavy equipment, plus $25,000 to hire private contractors to get snow off school roofs. It raised havoc with budgets, Business Manager Jude Cyr said, but it was critical to ensure safe schools.

And, staff overtime for snow removal meant Auburn schools exceeded last year’s total overtime by $2,000, with 3½ months of school left.



And more snow is predicted for this weekend. Oh yay.

That’s a sarcastic “yay,” from Penny of the TV comedy show “The Big Bang Theory.”

— Bonnie Washuk

Votes in for Farwell whoopie pie: Marble Madness

LEWISTON — Third-graders at Farwell Elementary School cooked up the winning flavor combo of the whoopie pie that will represent the school.
On Tuesday, March 10, students voted on which of nine whoopie pie flavors will be baked by Grant’s Bakery and sold by students, PTA President Heather Benson said.
Getting the top votes were the third-graders’ Marble Madness, a combination of vanilla and chocolate cake with cookies and cream frosting. Yum.
Coming in second were the fourth-graders’ Oreo Blast, a chocolate cake with Oreo cream frosting and a hot fudge drizzle. Yum.
Coming in third were the fifth-graders’ I Want S’More, a graham cracker cake with chocolate marshmallow swirl frosting. Yum.
Students got order forms on Friday for Marble Madness whoopie pies and traditional chocolate whoopie pies made by Grant’s for $2.50 each through March 26.
They’ll be available for pickup April 14.
If you don’t know a Farwell student but want some Farwell whoppie pies, email  [email protected] for more information.
— Bonnie Washuk

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