VIENNA — Town meeting voters on Saturday spent about 90 minutes going through a 52-article warrant, approving everything and making two amendments, Town Clerk Annie Tibbetts said afterward.

Voters amended and approved Article 41, raising and appropriating $4,107 for legal services and carrying forward a balance of $1,893. They also amended the General Assistance article to include the words “to raise and appropriate” the recommended amount of $1,500, and “plus whatever the state gives back to the town, which is usually 50 percent,” Tibbetts said.

They also passed as written two ordinances that had language changes but wanted the wording in both reviewed later. These involved a Siting Ordinance for wireless telecommunication facilities and the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance, she said.

Tibbetts said selectmen hadn’t yet figured out what the approved municipal budget was, but among other articles approved were: raising and appropriating $86,650 for general government; $14,141 for debt service on the town firetruck; $35,500 for Fire Department operating expenses; $3,500 for the Mount Vernon Rescue Squad;  $162,000 for winter road work; $65,000 for the road maintenance account; $56,000 for the waste management account; $3,159 for public safety dispatching; and $14,590 for ambulance service.

Those elected at Friday’s town meeting polls were:

* First Selectman Doris (Dodi) Thompson, 149 votes.


* Second Selectman Christopher Smith, 71 votes; challengers Steven Lilley Sr. received 57 votes and Roger Pelton got 34 votes.

* Third Selectman Jeffrey Rackliff received 158 votes.

* Tax Collector and Town Clerk Annie Tibbetts received 150 votes for each position.

* Treasurer Martha Gross received 154 votes.

* Road Commissioner Daniel Goucher got 114 votes. Challenger Darrell Watson received 50 votes.

“There was a good turnout” at the polls, Tibbetts said.

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