DEAR SUN SPOTS: My father, Richard Theberge, died Feb. 28, 1968, in a plane crash at the Auburn-Lewiston Airport. My siblings and I are interested in visiting the crash site. We are searching for anyone who may have responded to the crash or lived nearby at the time of the crash.

Lt. Donald Delisle of the Auburn Police Department was mentioned in the article in the newspaper the next day. If he is still in the area, we hope he can help us.

Charles Branch, M.D. is listed as the medical examiner. Maybe he was at the crash site. If anyone knows how to contact these men or anyone else who can locate the site, we would appreciate any assistance. I can be reached at 207-784-3004. — Sincerely, Pauline Taylor, Lewiston.

ANSWER: The Auburn-Lewiston Airport is at 80 Airport Drive off Lewiston Junction Rd. in Auburn. Their phone number is 207-786-0631. Let’s hope that someone reading this knows where the crash site is and contacts you with that information.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Thank you so much for what you do for the community. The Lewiston High School class of 1945 is having a reunion in July. We have no information on the following classmates: Theresa Albert, Irene Benson, Angie and Phil Cifizzari, Dorothy Chin, Mildred Cole, Theresa dumont, Harold Footman, Lorraine Gendron Casavant, Helen Gibson, Theresa Gilman, Betty Haines, Marilyn Isaacson, Germaine Jean, Isla Joy, Irene Kaunetskis, Leo Korytko, Irene Leahy, Gerard Lacoursiere, Bernadette Lafontaine, Leyana Leawensky, Muriel Longchamps, Jeannette Perreault, Mildred Parrotta, Jane Minehan, Dolores Michaud, Arlene Miles, Dorothy Monroe, Helen Moyes, Rachel Murphy, Herby Mayo, Irene McCarthy, Beverly Meltzer, Romeo Rioux, Muriel Marois, Alfred Maillet, Raymond Fouzol, Clair Ruth MacArthur, Irene Rowe, Doris Ruel, Henry Santos, Selma Silverman, Muriel Tardiff, Claire Thompson, Elizabeth Tuffs, Fern Vachon, Roger Simpson, Kay Stevens, Pat Stevens, Bernard Sturtevant, and Robert Cyr. If anyone has information anout any of these missing classmates, please forward their contact information to me as soon as possible. Thank you, Normand Demers, 15 Pineland St., Lewiston, ME 04240. Email: [email protected] or phone 207-782-6468.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: This column is the first thing I read in the morning, thanks. My friends and I were having our weekly get together for lunch at Denny’s. As the gentleman at the next table was leaving he stopped by our table and paid for all of our dinners.

We hope he reads this. I want him to know we all appreciated his gesture very much. We sure have some real great people in our Twin Cities. Thanks. — Dorothea in Lewiston.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: First, many thanks for all the service you provide us. Second, I am really sorry to hear that Bernard’s Beauty School in Lewiston has closed its doors. Is there any chance that it might re-open under a different name?

Myself and many others were clients and found their service very reasonable and everyone was always cordial. A number of us still have a balance on our gift certificates and would appreciate a refund. Thank you. — R.A.N., Turner.

ANSWER: Sun Spots tried contacting Mr. Bernard’s School of Hair Fashion a week ago when your letter arrived and still has not been able to reach them. The school was located at 711 Lisbon St. in Lewiston and its phone number was 207-783-7765. They also had a Bangor address. On Jan. 5, 2015, Sun Journal staff writer Douglas McIntire published an article about the school’s closing. Let’s hope a reader writes in with more information.

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