This is in response to John Davis’ letter, “Pork barrel construction project,” printed March 15.

As I understand the term, “pork barrel” refers to a useless project that a legislator tacks onto another bill to earn favor from his/her constituents. Rep. Jared Golden and Sen. Nate Libby’s efforts are far from such a description.

Davis was also incorrect in listing the cost of the study as a million dollars; the cost would be $500,000. We need to have our facts straight.

We know for a fact that rail service is one of the primary drivers of economic development, and Lewiston-Auburn, as well as central and western Maine, could use a boost.

Naysayers such as Davis can throw cold water on anything to convince people that any such project is not worth the investment. We are so lucky that young, courageous leaders such as Golden and Libby are willing to move the passenger rail project forward to benefit not just Lewiston-Auburn, but the surrounding area as well.

I have been to many of the planning meetings in the Lewiston, Auburn and Bethel communities, listening to people advocate for service, and the support is overwhelmingly in favor.

The environment also matters, and it behooves all of us to start working on transportation that creates less pollution.

Margaret Craven, Lewiston

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