When faced with a challenge, everyday people often respond by doing extraordinary things to help others. Ten individuals and three organizations in Greater Bangor are being honored as “Real Heroes” by the American Red Cross for going above and beyond in service to others. These Heroes will be recognized for their good works at a Red Cross Heroes breakfast on Wednesday, April 15, at Jeff’s Catering and Convention Center in Brewer.
“This is really about service to others — about selflessly giving to help another person in a time of need,” says John Thomas, Interim Executive Director of the Northern and Eastern Maine Chapter, which includes Aroostook, Penobscot, and Piscataquis Counties. “This award recognizes and thanks these very special individuals for taking action and making a difference.”
Local honorees include the following:
Disaster Hero Award – Wade Shorey, of Greenbush. Shorey aided Leo Moody, who is credited with saving an infant from drowning by pulling her from a car that was upside-down in two-and-a-half feet of water. Driving home from work, Moody saw that an SUV had slid down an embankment. He called 911 and ran to the vehicle, where he found the 3-month old baby submerged in the water. Using his knife and working in finger-numbing cold, Moody cut the straps that held the unresponsive girl. Shorey, a bystander, joined the rescue effort. He performed CPR, reviving the baby.
Dispatcher Award – Christopher Lavoie, of Penobscot County Dispatch. Lavoie fielded a call from a very frantic female reporting a home invasion. A male suspect, known by the residents, reportedly entered the home, assaulted, and murdered a female victim. Dispatcher Lavoie gave great instructions to the caller in an attempt to save the victim’s life. Dispatcher Lavoie also provided valuable instructions to the people at the residence in order to preserve the scene for investigators, and his techniques on obtaining suspect information proved to be valuable in capturing the suspect.
American Red Cross Blood Service Award – Lisa Morin, University of Maine volunteer. Morin, the University of Maine’s Coordinator of the Bodwell Center for Service and Volunteerism, has been the champion of the University of Maine blood drive program for five years. In addition to her hard work and time commitment, Lisa recruits and trains a new student assistant every three years. This person is typically a graduate student that Lisa mentors to assist with the program. Since beginning her work with the Red Cross, Lisa has organized over 30 blood drives, which have recruited over 3,000 donors and collected a very impressive 2,852 units of blood. It’s through the hard work, commitment, and dedication of people like Lisa that the Red Cross is able to provide life-saving blood to those in need.
Extra Mile Award – Brookings-Smith Funeral Home. Brookings-Smith has been a dedicated and integral member of the Greater Bangor and Northern Maine communities since 1874. The organization has provided financial support to the Red Cross for more than a decade, and General Manager Jim Fernald served on Red Cross Board of Directors. The support of companies like Brookings-Smith Funeral Home make it possible for the American Red Cross to fulfill its mission of preventing and alleviating human suffering in the face of emergencies.
For tickets to the American Red Cross Real Heroes Breakfast on April 15, contact John Thomas at jr.thomas@redcross.org or 941-2903.

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