BETHEL — The Bethel Historical Society’s Executive Committee voted to approve new wording for replacement signs in front of its two museums, Executive Director Randall Bennett said Tuesday morning.

“As soon as the ground thaws out, we’ll be installing the new signs,” he said.

“We’ve already spoken with Jeff Warden, the Code Enforcement Officer, and he told us that as long as we keep the sign within a certain size and meet the town’s specifications, we should be OK,” Bennett said.

The signs would identify the Moses Mason House and the Robinson House, which are operated by the society.

“Both of those facilities are very different,” Bennett said. “The Mason House has a large number of period rooms, a library, some archives and an exhibit hall. The Robinson House has a number of exhibit galleries and a museum shop.”

The signs, which read “Museums of the Bethel Historical Society,” would be placed in front of each building.

“We had a lengthy discussion about it, and we agreed that we wanted to emphasize the fact that we have two separate buildings that are open at different times and have different things to offer,” Bennett said. “The signs are simple and more straightforward than the signs we have now.”

Bennett added that the Historical Society will meet with the Planning Board on Wednesday, April 8, at the Town Office to seek approval for renovations on one of its buildings.

“We’re not revealing quite yet what we’re doing,” Bennett said. “We’re going to have a big rollout for the renovations if we get approval. It’s pretty exciting.”

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