I was pleased that Gov. Paul LePage supports a federal balanced budget amendment. Americans, and nearly every state government, have to live within their means.

Elected officials in Washington should, too.

Instead, they just kick the can down the road.

Since 1917, Washington has increased the debt limit more than 90 times. Washington has never reduced the debt ceiling. Since 2008, the debt has increased 70 percent. Recent reports indicate that a child born today will owe more than $1 million as their share of the national debt.

That is unsustainable. Washington is broken. A balanced budget amendment is a start to imposing constraint on Washington; however, it will not fix the issues that cause fiscal irresponsibility. More is needed — term limits, the elimination of legislation through regulation and revisions to the tax code, to name a few.

A Sun Journal article (March 27) stated that Gov. LePage supported a “constitutional convention.” For clarification, Article V only allows for state legislatures to call a Convention of States for the purpose of proposing amendments to the Constitution. It should not be reported as a “constitutional convention.” That is entirely different.

An Article V Convention of States would be an “amendments convention.” It could be called for a specific item, such as a balanced budget amendment, or for a specific subject, such as limiting the power and jurisdiction of the federal government.

The latter would give people the opportunity to offer structural changes that, along with a balanced budget amendment, would help restore this great republic.

Al Fereshetian, Turner

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