At the ceremony we will unveil the name stone that has 216 names on it and the emblem of the Sea Bees, and a new granite bench in memory of Jerry DerBhogosian, a long-time veteran as well as a founder of the L & A Veterans Council. We are asking all veterans, military, and fraternal organizations, military vehicles, boys and girls scouts, cadet units such as ROTC Air Force cadets, young marines, horse riders, antique vehicles, patriotic groups, etc. to participate.

Call to register for the parade. The ceremony will include speakers, the Just Us entertainers, memorial service with taps and cannons firing, and more. — Bert, advisor L & A Veterans Council.

HI SUN SPOTS: Here’s a question for you: Where can I donate a working window-unit air conditioner that is in good condition? — No Name, No Town.

ANSWER: Catholic Charities has a list of needed items on their website that includes working appliances. You can call them at 1-800-781-8550 or 207-784-0157 (Auburn) to see if air conditioners are needed. Trinity Jubilee Center in Lewiston has a wish list on its site but air conditioners are not listed. You can call them at 207-782-5700.

The wish list for Tree Street Youth in Lewiston also does not list air conditioners, but you never know unless you ask. Their phone number is 207-333-3083. Other nonprofits that you could try include Androscoggin Habitat for Humanity at 207-786-2590; Androscoggin Home Care & Hospice at 207-777-7740; and Center for Wisdom’s Women at 207-513-3922. The Lewiston Veterans Center may know of a veteran in need of an air conditioner. Call 207-783-0068. Good luck and thank you for reaching out to Sun Spots.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: As we all recover from this hard winter and are spending more time outside, I encourage folks to check the condition of their American flag.  If your flag is torn or in bad condition, please take it to your American Legion for a respectful flag burning.  Some Legions collect flags all year and have a flag burning ceremony once a year. — Thank you for checking your flag, Leslie Cooley.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I am writing in hopes of finding a lost piece of jewelry which holds great sentimental value to me. It is a silver lapel pin of a boy and girl holding hands, no features, just plain silhouette, about 2x1inches. This piece was given to me to commemorate my years as elementary principal and I would dearly love to have it returned from any kind person who may have found it on Wednesday, March 11.

On that day I was running errands in Auburn. I frequented the following three places: 250 Center St. mini-mall in front of Allstate; Spring St. Hannaford; and Center St. in the vicinity of the court house/sheriff’s office/YMCA. I have been looking in the “lost and founds” to no avail. If anyone found this piece of jewelry, please contact me at 207-402-9814 or 207-782-4348. — Thank you, Alfreda Fournier.

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