“Mystery on Macomber Hill” is a tween/young adult nonfiction novel by Maine author, John F. Balser Jr.

In June of 1957, life on the “Hill” turns exciting when 11- year old-Jake finds an old jar hidden in the cellar. The jar contains a paper that would propel him and his brother, Billy, into a summer full of fun, frustration, intrigue and discovery. A horse stall, an old cigar box, a rusty nail, and some spruce trees are all clues that lead to their final triumph. With help from their Uncle Dave, they slowly decipher the “Mystery on Macomber Hill”.

Based in North Jay, Maine, this story shows the lifestyle of farm life during the 1950’s. The lifestyle was based on hard work and love and respect for family. Everyone worked together with very few complaints. It was a hard life, but the book reflects on some of the good times of growing up on a farm with a little mystery and adventure added in.

The book is targeted at the 8-to-14-year-oxld age group, but the story would also be enjoyed by an older age group, teen thru adult.

“Mystery on Macomber Hill” is available on Amazon.com Books . It can be purchased in hard copy or through a digital download on Kindle.

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