The Orono Schools Coalition for the Arts (OSCAr)  is looking for community volunteers to help work on supporting arts experiences for Orono students. There are no dues.

Since its founding just a few years ago, OSCAr has contributed more than $8000 directly to Orono school arts programs; since OSCAr’s scholarship program started two years ago, we have given more than $2000 in scholarships to students in grades 4-12 in order to help defray costs for arts experiences at college, camp, lessons, instrument rentals or repair, and much more. The Orono Arts Cafe is the sole source of these scholarship funds.

\Last year, more than 100 individuals pitched in to help OSCAr’s efforts. Some of these volunteers don’t have kids at all, let alone children in the Orono Schools, but they know that arts experiences are important for everyone. They assisted at school and community concerts, plays, art exhibits, Music for Newtown, the monthly Orono Arts Cafe, and other activities celebrating arts in education.

Are you one of OSCAr’s volunteers? If not, you’re welcome to join in helping children to discover how the arts enrich our lives and our communities, you’ll find many fun and worthwhile ways to contribute, whether it’s an hour working an event or a leadership position.

Mark your calendar for Monday, April 27 at 7 p.m., when there will be a meeting in the vestry of the Church of Universal Fellowship on Main St., to determine the future of OSCAr and set a path for continuing its important work.

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