We have started planning our 100th anniversary in 2019. If you have memories of Thorncrag, Woodbury, or the Stanton Bird Club, or are just interested in being involved in our planning, please let us hear from you. Help us keep this important local nature organization going for another century! Our email is [email protected] Our Website is www.stantonbirdclub.org or you can call toll-free number at 888-363-0007. — David Haines, Secretary, the Stanton Bird Club.

GOOD MORNING: Someone wrote in about making their fish chowder so it has more taste. Here is my tip: I add approximately 1 tablespoon of fish base to my chowder. I have not found any in the local grocery stores but it has been available at Larochelle’s in New Auburn. If you know someone who buys through Sysco, they carry it. I buy a pint and put it in the freezer. Because of the salt content, it won’t freeze hard and will keep a long time. Just take out the amount you need and drop it in the chowder. Enjoy. — No Name, No Town.

SUN SPOTS: Bill LD 1071 will be heard at 9 a.m. Wednesday, April 15, at the statehouse in Augusta in room 436. Anyone who has been frustrated by cemetery vandalism and would like to share their experience with legislators who are considering a bill to increase the penalties are invited to attend. You may prepare written testimony. Please bring 16 copies for committee members. — M.B. via email.

RESPONSE: Thank you M.B. for supplying additional information and a link to the summary of the session 127th Maine State Legislature’s proposed LD 1071, sponsored by Senator Thomas Saviello, which states in its summary, that this bill:

“1. Amends the laws regarding damaging cemeteries and burial grounds by including damage to metal plaques, flags, flag holders, veteran’s grave markers, vegetation and plants and adding damage created by an animal owned by or in the control of a person and by increasing the class of the crime from Class D to Class C;

2. Designates as a Class D crime a person’s removing a flower, flag, flag holder or other memorial token from a burial ground without permission to do so or owning or controlling an animal that damages or destroys property in a cemetery or burial ground;

3. Adds metal plaques, flags, flag holders and veteran’s grave markers to the crime of illegal possession or sale of gravestones;

4. Amends the restitution provisions in the law by expanding the list of authorized claimants to the crimes of interference with a cemetery or burial ground and illegal possession or sale of gravestones and removes from the consideration of the court the defendant’s inability to pay; and

5. Expands the list of claimants who may bring a civil suit with treble damages for the illegal possession or sale of gravestones.”

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