Eva Lindsay has been a member of MaineGeneral RSVP since October of 2008. At age 97 Eva is still concerned about her community and dedicated to making a difference.

Since 2008 Eva has logged 5,215 knitting hours making a pair of hand knitted slippers a day, to remind those who are cold that someone cares. Having only missed a few days, it is amazing the number of lives Eva has touched through her gift of knitting.

It is amazing to think about how ONE woman has touched so many lives. Especially how this is just ONE of the many examples of how people in greater Franklin county dedicate their lives to trying to make others journey just a bit easier. Volunteering makes a difference. Whether it be knitting a pair of socks a day, sewing a bracelet for Buttons for Babes, helping your neighbor make window panels to save energy, learning how to file taxes so a friend can save that money to put it towards education, healthcare, or fixing their car, donating food to the local pantry, caring for a lonely animal, giving someone a ride to work, it ALL makes a difference and makes our community stronger and one of the best places to live.

Thank you to the people who wake up in the morning and pay for their rent on this earth by donating even 15 minutes of their time to another. Please take a moment this week to humbly thank someone who gives their time and love and find 15 minutes to use your skills and passions to make a difference.

Volunteering doesn’t have to be moving books (although Literacy Volunteers of Franklin & Somerset County sure could use some muscle to help them with their book sale), it can take many forms. Whether you are an artist, student, carpenter, barista, Farmer, Accountant, lawyer, doctor, cashier, ninja, professor, child, or retired citizen, all of us have a talent. Let’s continue to share them and help those right here in our wonderful county. THANK YOU AGAIN Volunteers for always shining and making a difference.


Don’t know where to begin? Go to Volunteermaine.org, send me an email at [email protected] or call me, 778-5048.

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