Ramesh Ponnuru’s column, “Democrats offer a delusional SS plan” (Sun Journal, April 11), sounds like a convoluted, unsubstantiated and obvious attempt to privatize Social Security. Republicans tried that during the time when George W. Bush was president.

Franklin D. Roosevelt introduced Social Security during the Great Depression. He recognized the deplorable living conditions that many elderly were forced to live under. If the federal government could get its act together, there would be no problems with Social Security. Congress should never be able to raid Social Security funds in order to balance the budget or to spend on whatever it pleases.

Ponnuru is offering the public an opportunity it already has — the opportunity to invest for the future beyond what is paid into Social Security. Millions of citizens have done that for years. The difference is, he wants the government to pick where the public’s money goes.

I have a lot of faith in Elizabeth Warren. She has the expertise and the desire to help correct what is wrong with national financial systems. She cares about those who struggle to get by. She works very hard to improve circumstances for ordinary Americans.

I believe she is the one to fix what is wrong with Social Security.

Nancy Willard, Woodstock

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