ANSWER: Are you buying the Lestoil concentrated heavy duty cleaner? Try a petroleum-based liquid dish detergent such as Dawn rubbed into the grease spot and let sit for a few minutes. Wash garment per instructions on garmet label.

“How to remove grease stains: Cleaning lessons from the kitchen” can be viewed at

Maybe our readers have additional suggestions.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: The lady from the Lewiston area, who teaches knitting and asked for knitting needles, had an ad in Sun Spots the second week of March. If she would call me, I have knitting needles for her and some yarn if she could use it. Call me at 207-527-2486 to set up a time to meet.

RESPONSE: That original request for knitting needles can be read here:

DEAR SUN SPOTS: We are looking for a foam mattress for a small day bed for a camper. A while ago I remember someone sending information on a good place to find these odd-sized mattresses. As best I remember it was in Auburn somewhere near the Washington Ave. circle. Any information you or your readers can come up with would be greatly appreciated. Will be anxiously awaiting your reply! Thanking you in advance for whatever help we can get. — L.B. in Turner.

ANSWER: Many of the businesses that sell motor homes and campers also sell parts for and service their products. Try these businesses to see which one has the best solution for your quest for an odd-sized mattress: Whited Motorhome & RV Center in Auburn at 1-800-235-3613 or; Coastal RV Repair in Topsham at 207-729-0323 or; and Call of the Wild RV Center in Oxford at 207-539-4410 or Also try Portland Mattress Makers at 207-772-2276 or, which is the mattress maker that Sun Spots readers have written in about and approved. Another consideration is to check with boat dealers who may have a list of custom-size boat mattress manufacturers.

SUN SPOTS: A few weeks ago there was an item in Sun Spots that someone wanted old cameras. I think it was a school. I have two if they are still wanted, but they would have to pick them up. I can be reached at 207-824-2635. Love Sun Spots. — B.P. in Bethel.

ANSWER: Yes, on Feb. 13, Sun Spots published a request which can be read at from Lewiston High School stating: “Lewiston High School is looking for working film camera donations for our photography program. Donations can be dropped off at the main office at the high school. We have a wonderful film program and would dearly appreciate additional cameras to keep our program going. Thank you. — Sarah Stocker, Lewiston.” The cameras are to be dropped off at the school according to the request. If Sarah Stocker reads this, she can call your phone number to let you know if it is possible to pick up the cameras.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Thank you for all you do. Would you have in your Rolodex a person who comes to your home to split already-cut wood? It’s a small amount. Call 207-782-6683. Thank you. — No Name in Auburn.

ANSWER: Let’s hope a log splitter calls you. Try The Firewood Store in Monmouth at 207-754-2121; Maine Custom Firewood in Pownal at 207-688-4282; or Merrill’s Logging & Firewood in Buckfield at 207-336-2202.

SUN SPOTS: Leavitt craft fair in November 2014 had a table at which were sold handmade (I believe) pierced earrings. You needed one hole in the ear and the earring went up the whole side of the ear, then clipped. I can’t find any in the stores. Call me at 207-897-2056 or 207-931-8930. Thanks. — N.B. in Livermore Falls.

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