ANBURN — Danville Junction Grange 65 recently celebrated its 140th Birthday at its annual Open Meeting, held in conjunction with National Grange Month.

Wes Ryder read an original poem titled “140th Anniversary of Danville Junction Grange 65,” which included historical facts about the grange.

City Counselor David Young brought birthday greetings from the City of Auburn. A list of several people who had sent birthday greetings, including National Lady Assistant Steward Chris Hamp, was read.

State Grange Officers in attendance were Master Victoria Huff, Overseer Rick Grotton and Flora Debra Ivers.

Musical entertainment was provided by Kathy Haley and Shawna Haley-Bear.

Huff presented 65-year Membership Certificates to Wesley Ryder and Julien Beaulieu, which was accepted by his nephew, Bob Bealieu.

The following people, who were unable to attend, will receive membership certificates at a later date: Russell Hammond, 80 years; Dorothy Coffin, 70 years; Shirley Keene, 60 years; Ernest James, 55 years; Elaine Brewer, 40 years; Henrietta Hines, 40 years; Edith Lyons, 40 years and Mary Thornton, 25 years.

A Community Citizen Award was presented to Norman Smith for the many things he does to aid those in the community.

Appreciation Awards were given out by Lecturer Thelma Quimby to Kathy Haley, Shawna Haley-Bear, Louise Roberts, Vicki Huff and Kathy Lorrain, who was unable to attend.

At the conclusion of the program, Androscoggin Pomona Lecturer Steven Haycock presented Glenys Ryder, who recently retired as lecturer of Danville Junction Grange after 15 years, with a past lecturer’s pin and a letter of congratulations from National Grange Lecturer Jim Tetreault.

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