Bernadette Meehan, National Security Council spokesperson, said in reaction to the recent butchering of Ethiopian Christians by ISIS in Libya: “While these dehumanizing acts of terror aim to test the world’s resolve — as groups throughout history have — none have the power to vanquish the powerful core of moral decency which binds humanity and which will ultimately prove the terrorists’ undoing.”

That statement is wrong in every regard.

a) This is not a test of the world’s resolve; it was an all-out assault on civilization.

b) The world has no resolve. What it has is multiculturalism and political correctness.

c) The existence of similar “groups throughout history” has no relevance. Blending ISIS with history’s other butcher groups intends to dull the outrage at what’s happening now.

d) No core of moral decency binds humanity. The plight of Armenian Christians in Turkey in World War I, Europe’s Jews in World War II, Tutsis in Rwanda and Nigerian Christians in Muslim majority lands know little of this supposedly universal asset.


e) Terrorists are never undone by anyone’s core of moral decency. Terrorists are undone when people unite their moral cores and take resolute action (see ‘b’ above).

Meehan’s statement does justice to only one reality — the administration’s determination to render America nothing more substantive than a finger-waving bystander to an epic outbreak of evil, a genocide of Christians.

The last thing our politically correct president would want is for people to get on their “high horse” and actually vanquish that evil.

Soon enough, it will be here.

Leonard Hoy, Greenwood

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