“We couldn’t be happier,” said Gerald St.Onge. “The price was reasonable and [their] crews always satisfied our needs.”

But wait … L&S Windows does custom siding? Yes! In addition to windows and siding, L&S also specializes in roofing and more.

“We’ve been doing this for 25 years now,” said Scot Warner, who puts the “S” in L&S. It all began with building homes, additions and garages, and about seven years ago the company started focusing on windows, but even back then they also did roofing and siding projects.

“People know us by our windows,” said Warner. “Even some of our existing customers don’t realize that we also do roofing and siding.”

But the words “roofing and siding” are there, on business cards and trucks, and those functions are an integral part of the vision of the company.

L&S Windows employs nearly a dozen men and women full time, and considers themselves “a family business.”


According to Warner’s wife, Laurianne – the “L” in L&S, “I do the inside stuff … like ordering, and Scot does the measuring at our job sites. Scot Jr., the oldest of our seven children, is our lead installer.” Even the littlest Warners play a role in advertising efforts.

Replacing windows in a home is often a four- to five-week process because every window is customized and manufactured specifically to fit the home. Once the windows are in hand, however, said Scot Warner, “We can do 30 windows in a day,” minimizing the time that a home is exposed to the elements.

“We sell about 5,000 windows each year, replacement and new construction” says Warner, offering popular brands such as Paradigm, Crystal and Alside. Within each brand are various levels with respect to efficiency, design and cost, and for their customers’ protection, L&S will only install the windows they sell.

The latest technology is the Low E coating that goes over the glass. “These energy star windows reflect the sun away during the summer months, which means that the customer’s air conditioning will not be running as much or as hard,” explained Warner, “and in the winter, when the sun’s UV rays are not as strong, the Low E coating will allow the sun in to add warmth,” making heating the home a far more efficient undertaking.

“L&S installed 13 replacement windows at my home,” said John Milazzo of Auburn, and updated 31 additional windows. “They were professional, courteous, respectful and competent, and I could not be more satisfied,” he added.

“Our slogan is: Always the best for less at L&S. We’re known as the home of the $189 vinyl replacement window,” added Laurianne Warner.


According to Scot Warner, these windows don’t have “all the bells and whistles,” that some homeowners might want, but are a solid replacement window that is economically priced.

Like the energy star windows that they install, “with all of the technological advancements, siding has also come a long way,” said Warner. “It started with aluminum, and from aluminum it evolved into vinyl … and then they got creative.”

L&S Window’s repertoire of vinyl siding products includes vinyls that look exactly like stone and cedar shake.

According to Maureen Armstrong of Auburn, who contracted with L&S in the summer of 2014 to side her home, paint her garage and install a new door, “The siding looks fabulous, and neighbors comment ‘It looks like a new house.’ L&S did a great job, paid strict attention to detail, were always open to suggestions, and even worked a couple of weekends to get the job done.”

In recent months, with a plethora of snow having fallen in our area, many L&S customers have called requesting snow removal. It started when L&S put an ad in the paper and, according to Laurianne Warner, “It went crazy!”

“We kept eight men going for almost a month straight,” added Scot Warner, and that’s not bad for a business that is typically busier during fair weather months.


According to Warner, the plethora of snow has also caused a plethora of problems for homeowners.

“We’ve seen terrible damage caused by ice dams which are caused by a lack of adequate insulation,” explained Warner. “When you have an ice dam, the snow on the roof melts, and when it hits the dam it begins to back up.”

This often leads to damage to the possibly already inadequate insulation, which can sometimes go unnoticed, as well as damage to the interior of the home.

The improper use of roof rakes can damage shingles. Other bad techniques, including homeowners with hammers, he added, can also cause considerable damage.

Roofing technology has improved significantly in the past 15 to 20 years, and L&S products and installation techniques bring these leading-edge technologies to each job site.

L&S works primarily with IKO, a roofing products company with manufacturing plants scattered about North America. “They’ve got a great warranty,” said Warner, and they make a great product which he is happy to share with his customers.


“We’re a Shield Pro Plus Contractor,” he said, “which means that we’ve been tested by IKO regarding our installation and design.” This certification, in turn, adds additional time to the warranty for L&S’ roofing customers.

A typical roof can last up to 30 years, but when it needs repair or replacing it’s important to retain the services of a professional like L&S Windows.

Many roof repairs are made necessary by ice dams and other such damage. “Once you strip off all of the roofing materials, and take it down to the plywood, it’s a very good time to consider the condition of your insulation,” said Warner. L&S is able to blow insulation into those places that may only be accessible when the roof has been stripped back to below its base layer. It’s an efficient and cost-effective way to improve the efficiency of your home’s heating system, and to avoid future ice dams.

When it’s all said and done, said Warner, “It’s what’s underneath that makes the difference, and there is an advantage to using the same manufacturer for all aspects of the roofing project, especially in terms of warranty.”

In addition to windows, siding and roofing, L&S can also take care of the finishing touches which provide beauty and functionality to the home. To complement the siding and give a finished look to the property, L&S can apply shutters which are manufactured in a wide variety of colors.

To direct rain off of the roof, L&S will apply the latest and greatest in seamless gutters technology. “It’s amazing,” said Warner, “we can now make an 80′-long, seamless gutter.”

L&S gutters can include leaf catchers, and are available in whatever color a customer wants. Using their own equipment, L&S is able to take sheets of raw aluminum and mold gutters according to a customer’s exact specifications.

L&S Windows is quality windows, and so much more. William Goyton of Lewiston said it best: “They transformed our home from an old house to a new home … a showcase. We were amazed.”

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