It was disheartening to see Sen. David Burns, R-District 6, withdraw LD 1340, the religious freedom restoration bill due to the gay rights frenzy that is sweeping the nation.

The ” discrimination ” feared by the gay rights movement invariably comes down to marriage equality. The Bible teaches, and history affirms, that marriage is a sacred covenant between man and woman, symbolic of the Christian’s covenant relationship with God. To ask someone to violate such a foundational belief to satisfy the whims of an ever-changing culture is simply not right.

The saddest part of the announcement, however, was that a group of church leaders gathered to protest the bill and, in effect, challenge the word of God.

Some church leaders have misrepresented biblical views regarding marriage and homosexuality. In their quest to please the world, biblical truths are ignored and a watered down Gospel is preached, where love and acceptance come without a cost, and sin and repentance are not mentioned.

Jesus warned his disciples that they would be hated by the world (John 15: 18-19). Indeed, Christians are commanded to treat others with love and respect. But to ignore the truths of a sovereign God to gain the acceptance of the world is not religious freedom, but bondage to a godless worldview.

Christians and non-Christians alike are bound by a common thread: we are all sinners in need of a savior. But the one who accepts the gift of salvation should also accept the truth of him who gives it.

Mark Beaudoin, Hanover

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