RUMFORD — The Board of Selectmen will meet at 6 p.m. Monday for their final public hearing on ordinance requests at the Rumford Falls Auditorium.

The Board of Selectmen met on Tuesday for their first public hearing on ordinance requests. During that meeting, they voted to place an article on the warrant asking residents if they want to revoke the fireworks ordinance.

The selectmen will also decide whether to bolster their abandoned buildings ordinance at the April 27 meeting.

During their first ordinance request public hearing, Selectman Mark Belanger said he found an abandoned building ordinance for Searsport that was “a little more comprehensive” than the one Rumford uses.

“I was looking for an ordinance to put before the board, and didn’t even realize that we already had an ordinance on the books,” Belanger said. “Shame on me for not knowing that. However, I don’t know if we want to try looking through this ordinance and see if we can pull something out for our own abandoned building ordinance.”

Belanger pointed out that Searsport ordinance “had more teeth” and “wasn’t intrusive.”


Board of Selectmen Chairman Greg Buccina agreed that the Searsport ordinance would “be worth looking over.”

“It might help us moving forward when addressing some of the vacant buildings in our town,” Buccina said.

The selectmen agreed to review the Searsport ordinance in time for their next ordinance request public hearing.

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