I was disappointed to see the Sun Journal’s biased headline and associated stories (April 25) regarding Sen. Eric Brakey’s two pieces of legislation.

Brakey’s bill, LD 652, would allow law-abiding Mainers to exercise their Second Amendment rights. It is supported by a majority of Maine lawmakers, so has more support than opposition (the side of the story the Sun Journal chose to report). The bill was tabled in committee by a partisan vote that was meant to delay action on the bill so out-of-state special interest groups could spend money flooding the airwaves to lie to Mainers about what this bill truly does.

If there wasn’t already strong support for this bill in Maine, anti-gun groups from New York City and Washington, D.C., wouldn’t be resorting to such tactics. Sen. Brakey and the bill’s 96 co-sponsors know Mainers have a strong bi-partisan history of supporting the Second Amendment.

The second bill covered under the same headline was Sen. Brakey’s measure to create a citizen’s referendum to re-prioritize taxpayer money spent on political campaigns to, instead, fund public education.

The Maine Clean Election Act — actually welfare for politicians — was sold to Mainers under a deceptive name, but doesn’t fix special interest money in state politics. If citizens knew how tax dollars are misused under this program, I believe the measure would be reconsidered by the Maine people.

I’m grateful for the work Sen. Brakey is doing in Augusta. I look forward to more balanced coverage from the Sun Journal in the future.

Lois Snowe-Mello, Poland

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