On May 8, I looked in vain for any mention of V.E. Day in the Sun Journal. On that day, 70 years ago, the great war against the Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler ended. For those of us who were in Germany, it was an extremely important day.

A Sun Journal editor explained to me that coverage would be the following day.

Unbelievably, the following day’s paper carried only an article from The Washington Post praising the Soviet Union’s part in the victory.

There was no mention in the Post’s story of the enormous effort and sacrifice of American and British military forces. There was no mention of the millions of tons of munitions and military planes sent to the Soviets by the U.S.A. under the lend lease program. There was no mention of the fact that the U.S. was fighting a two-front war — European and Pacific.

There was mention of the Soviet-Japanese non-aggression treaty that was honored until atom bombs were dropped by the U.S.

Harvey Lord, South Paris

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