LEWISTON — A $7.5 million bond issue and capital plan earned a quick yes vote from city councilors Tuesday night.

Councilors approved a plan to buy new vehicles and fund paving projects on Park Street between Pine and Main streets and Orange Street between Sabattus and Webster streets.

The plan calls for $1.3 million in basic street maintenance projects around the city and $895,000 in more extensive road rehabilitation work. It also calls for specific road projects on Oxford Street and the city’s share of projects on River Road and Cedar and Lisbon streets.

The projects set aside $250,000 in work to implement the Riverfront Island Master Plan and $100,000 to implement the city’s comprehensive plan.

The plan earmarks $1.68 million for school projects, including a new, $670,000 roof at Montello School and $248,000 to upgrade the electrical system at Lewiston High School, as well as playground upgrades totaling $260,000.

Councilors negotiated the borrowing package last week, debating whether they should cut purchasing new equipment — including a street sweeper, a bulldozer and equipment for repairing hot asphalt — in favor of paying for more road repairs.

City staff suggested that much of the city’s equipment was aging past its useful life and would be more expensive later on.

Councilors negotiated with each other between a workshop meeting and the vote, and agreed on the plan they adopted Tuesday.

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