I read a letter to the editor, printed May 5, about helping stamp out hunger. I am all for stamping out hunger, but fix the real problem — the parents who are not feeding their children.

Kids are going to school hungry every day. To me, that is child abuse and it is sad.

One day, I saw a parent buying cans of beer and her child asked her mom to buy a slice of pizza. The mom said “no.” I was appalled.

When school starts in late August, taxpayers will have to pay for free school meals for all Lewiston students. Enough is enough. People will say, “Oh, don’t worry; the federal government is paying for it.” But the federal government is the taxpayers. Nothing is free; someone pays for it.

Fix the real problem of child abuse — the parents neglecting their children.

Parents: Stop child abuse. Feed your kids.

Reggie Bechard, Lewiston

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