100 years ago, 1915
“Boy; he’s a whopper, b’gosh!” The man who gave utterance to the remark was justified. He stood in front or one of the Mohican’s big show windows on Main street. He was one of many. The subject of his comment was a big turtle inside the store. This particular member of the turtle family weighed 75 pounds, also he is a green turtle. That’s the kind they make the famous green turtle soup from. Manager Jordan of the Mohican secured this particular turtle in Chisfield, Md., the reptile having been caught in Chesapeake bay. He brought it here as a curiosity and for advertising purposes. He has no plans for its immediate disposal, but expects to dispose of it when the novelty has worn off. If no one wants to buy it, he says, it can be taken down the river and liberated.

50 years ago, 1965
(Photo Caption) CONSTRUCTION PROGRESSES AT SHAW’S — Work is progressing rapidly on the construction of the new Shaw’s Supermarket being built on Center Street, Auburn. Shown here is the building which will be the first to be completed by the Portland firm in the proposed shopping center. Adjacent to the store is a second building which will house a branch of the Androscoggin County Savings Bank and several other smaller stores.

25 years ago, 1990
The Auburn Business Development Corp. will offer two Androscoggin River-related tours to its members in the next week. On Friday, members will tour the Central Maine Power Co.’s Charles E. Monty Hydro-Project and on June 6 the Auburn riverfront. “With all the discussion and concern involving the riverfront, we felt that we should offer a chance for our members to discover the many opportunities that do exist along the Auburn riverfront,” said Glen Cooper, chairman of the program committee. On the Auburn riverfront tour, members will be guided from West Pitch Park above the Great Falls Plaza down behind the Roak Block to the old railroad trestle.

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