Opened the window in the bedroom last might to catch some cool air and now I sound as if I have the worst cold ever. That pollen gets to me. We were hoping for some rain to wash the pollen away but so far just a sprinkle, nothing to amount to anything.
Dell’s brother, Glen, from Gray and wife, Rachel, just left. They visited the cemetery in West Paris. Glen’s leg is healing nicely and he is ambulating with a cane. We had a stair lift system installed yesterday so we can stay here as long as possible. I hadn’t been downstairs in months. Now I have no excuse. I have to get down there and defrost the freezer. It is not self defrost and if you need some ice, we can supply some. 
In my last column I failed to mention that when we were out to lunch at Maurice’s, we saw Dr. Harper there with a friend. He said both he and his wife, Evelyn, were having significant birthdays on the same day. Hope they had a nice celebration.  We wish them many more. 
We have had an interesting family occupying one of our birdhouses. A flying squirrel is raising a family and she goes out on the roof of the birdhouse for a little air and peace and quiet from time to time. The little ones stick their noses out of the hole in the front of the birdhouse but venture no further. 
Many of our flowers have gone by but there are more to come. The irises are beginning to bloom and it won’t be long before the peonies are showing their colors. Also the rhododendrons.
The annual Maine Pegmatite Workshop is being held a the Poland Mining Camps this coming week. Frank Perham is attending and he has copies of his newly published book with him. I believe it is planned to have a book signing there. They have attendees from all over the United States, as well as other  countries. Mornings are for classes, afternoons for visiting local mines and evenings for visiting and having a good time.
Mary visited Dana and Paula at their cottage last Saturday. There was some lake activity and some brave swimmers. Paula has been cleaning out their waterfront of weeds and clam shells. Ambitious girl. They are making it a cozy retreat for any downtime they may have. 
We are heading for the lazy days of summer. With me, one could hardly tell the difference. When I see dust in the corner, I say to myself, “What difference will it make a hundred years from now.”  
I have found this to be true. Despite the cost of living, it’s still popular.

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