Friday morning, Oxford Hills Middle School seventh graders Rachel Chase, Dalton Cheever, Jeff Worster and Owen Orlando, along with their languauge arts teacher, Jaime Toohey, and Tommy Tompkins of Carthage visited with the student body of Mountain Valley Middle School to challenge them to participate in the Great Viking Challenge Muddy Trail Run and Obstacle Course, taking place from OHMS at 9 a.m. on Saturday, June 13.
It’s a 2.5-mile course that runs from OHMS along the nature trail about a mile to the high school. From there, the course winds back through the woods along the banks of the Little Androscoggin River. There will be great views with natural and student-made obstacles to challenge students and adults alike.
There will also be a Mini Viking Challenge for those ages 3-9, about one mile on the football and field hockey fields, similar to the other event
Participants will get a medal that students made for their participation and finishing the race.
Cheever noted, “The reason why we’re doing this is for Ashleigh Merchant, and as you know, she has cystic fibrosis, which is a lung disease. All the proceeds that we make are going to be going for her to get a double-lung transplant.”
Tompkins, who will also be participating, said, “I need everybody here who can possibly get over there to help me through because as you can see, I’m not going to be able be able to fit through a lot of them tires, on my own.”
That was followed by laughter from the students.
“We ended up raising $41,350 already, and that’s just on the weight loss part of it. Our community did good. Now our neighbors have stretched out to do more. We can pack some buses and get you over there. It looks fun, too. So it’s a win win for everybody,” said Tompkins.
Toohey noted, “Ultimately, it’s about bringing the communities together and the more people that come, the more money we’re going to give to Ashleigh and her family.”
Participation costs are:
Children 3-9- $10
Students- $15
Adults- $25
These costs jump an additional $5 if registration isn’t completed by Tuesday, June 9th. Local businesses, or just individuals can sponsor a student by calling Mountain Valley Middle School at 364-7926.
To volunteer or make a donation, contact the Oxford Hills Middle School at 743-5946.
To register online, go to: