Recently, Gov. Paul LePage threatened to veto any bill sponsored by a Democrat because they do not believe the income tax should be eliminated. The news clips of his statements showed an individual who was angry and had lost emotional control.

LePage’s idea of leadership is that of a young child who threatens to hold his breath until he turns blue because he does not get his way. He has been an advocate against abuse and bullying, yet he uses those tactics against others who do not agree with him. He bullies legislators by belittling members of both parties and abuses citizens by threatening to not negotiate and allow a shutdown of state government. He wants voters to have a say on the tax issue yet he has not issued bonds that they have approved.

It appears the leaders of the two parties are working diligently to compromise on a budget that will receive two-thirds of their votes. Fortunately there are a few adults at the state House.

LePage claims his methods are how the political process works. Unfortunately for Maine citizens, he has not learned the process works through sensible discussion and compromise.

A true leader knows he/she will not get everything his/her way and is willing to meet with all parties to negotiate in good faith. A true leader treats people with respect. A true leader sets an example for others to emulate.

Unfortunately, we do not have a true leader in the governor’s office.

Stan Tetenman, Poland

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