Let me begin by stating that I really don’t have an opinion on what and how the state budget should be. That is why we have representatives, to hash it out to come up with equitable solutions.

What does concern me greatly is the governor’s ongoing rhetoric and constant blame game, with no talk or mention of compromise. His constant bully tactics of demeaning and extorting representatives with blanket vetoes of any legislation presented by the opposing party is not only non-productive but mean-spirited. His attitude that only his vision has value is profound arrogance.

I have maintained from the beginning of his reign that he has never come to terms with his CEO mentality of “I am the boss,” and “it’s my way or the highway.”

Paul LePage needs to know that he is not the boss; the people and their representatives are the boss. He has a role in the process but he alone is not the process.

Given that even his party isn’t in complete agreement with his vision should give him cause to rethink and consider alternatives to enable them to put together a comprehensive, workable plan of action that the majority can agree on.

In addition, the Republican Senate holdouts, insisting on what the emperor wants, is also counter-productive.

Compromise is the order of the day.

Marc Jalbert, Lewiston

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