CARTHAGE — Travelers on Routes 17 and 2 between Jay and Winter Hill Road in Carthage will experience traffic delays from now through mid-July.

Developers of the Saddleback Ridge Wind Project off Winter Hill Road are trucking in oversized wind turbine parts for the last nine turbines to complement the three operational turbines installed last year.

The 34.2 megawatt, 12-turbine project is owned and operated by Patriot Renewables LLC of Quincy, Mass.

The deliveries are being escorted by two Maine State Police cruisers to stop traffic at intersections and curves where the cargo and tractor-trailer truck will need to take up two or more travel lanes. Deliveries started Monday, according to Patriot’s website for the Carthage wind farm.

The deliveries should take 10 minutes to reach the construction site once they arrive at the base of Winter Hill Road. Residents whose commutes may be temporarily affected by a delivery are asked to use Tainter Hill Road to avoid the delay or safely pull over to the other side of the road until traffic resumes, Rebecca Howard, outreach coordinator, stated on the website.

Remaining deliveries will take place on weekdays through July 14, with turbines being erected in July and August. The construction project is expected to be completed and commissioned in October.


Last year, all major roadwork and foundations were completed. Woolwich contractor Reed & Reed built all 12 wind tower foundations, but only installed three turbines, which are still operating.

Transmission lines along Route 2 in Carthage leading to the substation in Canton were also completed last year.

Howard said Sargent Corp. of Stillwater has completed most of its work on the access and ridgeline roads.

“They are currently making some road repairs and after the project is complete they will be putting down topsoil and seed to narrow the roads,” she said. “We will be keeping an eye out for any excessive dust on Winter Hill and work with the community to ensure the roads are maintained.”

Access to the project site is not allowed during construction to ensure public safety. For more information, contact Howard at 207-381-7327 or email [email protected]. For a prerecorded construction update, call Patriot’s construction hotline at 207-364-6200.

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