I am writing to warn the citizens of Dixfield of the numerous home break-ins/home invasions that have taken place recently in our little town.

My home was broken into while I was asleep in the upstairs bedroom on June 25 at 8 First Ave. The thieves actually carried my jewelry armoire down the stairs and into the living room. There they stole my grandmother’s diamond ring, a three-ring wedding ring pin, a two-stone opal ring, a gold nugget earring and necklace set and various other articles of jewelry.

They rifled through my dresser drawers and anything in the dining and living rooms that had easy access. They stole money from my wallet and a bottle of pills while looking into everything in the kitchen. All while I was asleep in my own house and home! They entered through a porch screen.

To say that this is terribly upsetting is to say the least of what this has done to my peace of mind in my “old age.” I will definitely be armed and loaded in the future.

If you’re considering gun control, I’d think again. The only ones you’ll be helping will be the scumbags and the government — one to steal from or harm you, the other to control your lives even more.

Please stay vigilant and keep an eye out for your neighbors and friends. Hopefully, the Dixfield police will catch the slime soon.

Charlotte M. Collins (armed and loaded), Dixfield

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