DENMARK — The Denmark Arts Center will debut its new initiative titled “Artists’ Midway” from 3 to 7 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 1, at DamJam 2015.

The event is a cross between a classic fair midway and a family-friendly Burning Man, in which interactive rides, games and experiences are created by Maine artists and offered up for the audience’s enjoyment.

Three artists will join longtime DamJam collaborator the ArtVan to create an energetic, wide-ranging spectrum of events for kids of all ages. Artists Kimberly Bentley and Denise Rhodin, staff members at Bates and Colby Colleges, respectively, will contribute a “Community Clay Diorama,” allowing guests to collaborate on a vast and temporary clay sculpture. The diorama can be thought of as a giant, community-built sandcastle.

Sculptor Jimmy Grackle of Freedom will bring his “Spiral Spaces” sculpture, using discarded wood scraps and saplings to create a meditative spiraling sculpture that guests can walk through, touch and reflect on. Lastly, Bear Island artist Maeve Myfawnwy Broome will contribute “KaBloom!” a series of “Passé Téte” sculptures, in which patrons place their faces in the center of large sculpted flowers, along the lines of a classic midway “face-in-a-hole,” for a one-of-a-kind photo.

The event is sponsored by the Maine Community Foundation’s Oxford County Fund.

The event is open to all and admission is free.

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