LIVERMORE — On Saturday morning, treasure seekers were busy checking out the yard sale items displayed on the lawn of the Community Center. Offered by Patty Keen and Tim Cox, president of the Livermore Community Center Association, the proceeds would go to support additional renovations the building needs.

The duo had several tables covered with knick knacks and dishes. Ten speed bikes, books, LP’s, and boxes filled with a variety of items were also available. Many people could be seen digging through the boxes.

Inside, area crafters had a variety of products for sale. Camden Pack, a nine-year old from Turner, had baked 66 dog treats to sell. He came up with the idea of offering a discount for veterans and created a special sign to promote the discount.

Camden got the recipe on Pinterest. It called for peanut butter, eggs, whole wheat flour and pumpkin. He has a black Lab at home who kept begging for more when he tested the recipe. Camden will use the proceeds from his dog treats to buy things for his new puppy.

Rachel Pack was selling a variety of health and beauty aids. She offered to open the tops of her all natural scrubs for potential customers to smell. One she named ‘Summertime’ had an especially delightful fragrance.

Avon and Scentsy products, crocheted baby blankets, and dish washing scrubbies were some of the items offered. The bake table saw a lot of business as whoopie pies, pies, brownies, fudge, jams and pistachio cakes baked in specially designed cardboard forms left with new owners.

Community Center treasurer Pat Litalien said she saw them in a Christmas Tree Shop. They come in loaf, round and angel food shapes. “I hope they work,” she said. She plans to use them for other fundraising efforts too.

Litalien and her husband, Paul, each have spent more than 200 hours volunteering at the center. One bulk head has been finished but there is still a lot of work to do.

Jeannette Donahue was selling raffle tickets. Several items had been donated with tickets sold throughout the spring. On Saturday, Armand Beaudette said he has been coming to the area since he was a kid and bought several tickets. 

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