Michael Nadeau recently suggested that people “… learn about the value of diversity” (July 8).

Diversity as an ideal would appear to be a goal for liberal manipulators of American culture; it is not. Diversity is, instead, a weapon liberals use against American culture.

The ideal of diversity once moved this nation to fight a civil war and amend the Constitution to end slavery. The ideal of diversity called forth support for the civil rights movement and legal remedies to discrimination.

Diversity as a weapon pits racial quotas against personal merit, distorts language with political correctness, makes the phrase “America is the land of opportunity for all” into a micro-aggression. Liberals brandish diversity to demand that I perpetually atone for some vague malady called white privilege.

Diversity as an ideal welcomes immigrants to America’s shores. Diversity as a weapon strips this country of the ability to screen those immigrants and removes the right to refuse entry to anyone sneaking across the borders. As a result, this country is inundated, not so much with immigrants seeking to learn how to become Americans, but with colonizers able only to replicate the conditions from which they fled.

Liberals use diversity to justify sanctuary cities, which grant safe haven to illegals against deportation. Recently, one such protected illegal gunned down Kathryn Steinle in San Francisco. Her parents learned a hard lesson about diversity — a lesson America should take to heart: liberals have weaponized diversity to America’s lasting disadvantage.

Leonard Hoy, Greenwood

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