WOODSTOCK — A couple believed to be behind a spree of smash-and-grab burglaries that have plagued several rural communities and sent homeowners into panic were taken into custody Monday afternoon, according to police. 

Suspects Corey Douzart, originally from Louisiana, and Ashley Howard, 20, of Woodstock, were arrested without incident at a mobile home on Cushman Road. Howard and Douzart were taken to the Oxford County Jail in Paris where they were booked and taken into police custody for questioning.

According to Oxford County Lt. Brian Landis, each is charged with multiple counts of felony burglary and theft after police said they broke into numerous homes across the county, including in Woodstock, Greenwood and four neighboring towns. 

Police declined to say how many homes were hit, citing the ongoing investigation. Seasonal, vacation homes and permanent residences were targeted.

Douzart also has an outstanding warrant for his arrest stemming from burglary and theft charges in Louisiana, Landis said. However, he is not expected to be extradited. 

Monday’s arrests, carried out by members of the Maine State Drug Enforcement Agency, Oxford County Sheriff’s Department and Maine State Police, are not the last expected in the case as police look to wrap up an investigation that has spanned two months.  


“Homeowners must always be cautious and lock up doors and windows, but today we’ve taken care of a problem,” Landis said. 

Landis cautioned that the investigation is still ongoing, but said the couple stole an estimated $10,000 and $25,000 in goods, which they then traded for drugs or sold for cash.

Some of the items were recovered from buyers who called police to report they suspected purchasing stolen items, though it was not yet known how much will be recoverable. The same buyers later pointed the finger at the couple, Landis said. 

The burglary spree sparked concern among homeowners in the neighborhood after a handful of homes were ransacked over the July 11 weekend. Even as police increased patrols and narrowed in on the perpetrators, homeowners became jumpy, frequently calling in vehicles driving at night and persons they thought were suspicious, according to police incident logs. 

Brittany Kesseli, 26, of Woodstock, left her home to take her 2-year-old daughter swimming on July 11 and, upon returning after about an hour, discovered her dog had escaped the house and behaved oddly.

She didn’t discover her home had been hit until the following morning, after a coin jar and several rings, estimated at around $8,000, were noticed as missing. Though relieved to hear suspects had been arrested, Kesseli said her peace of mind has been shattered.

“I just feel violated, like someone’s watching me,” she said. 

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