DIXFIELD — The 38th Main Street Outdoor Market will be held on Sunday, Aug. 16, Chairwoman Deb Morang said Wednesday afternoon, with several new events and fundraising efforts being introduced in the weeks leading up to it.

Morang said that the Outdoor Market began around 30 years ago, under the direction of resident Norine Clarke and her late husband, Ralph. As part of the market, dozens of crafters, service agencies, community organizations, school groups and others set up booths offering a variety of items.

Morang and the rest of the committee announced Wednesday that, for the first time since the Outdoor Market began nearly 40 years ago, they will sell child- and adult-sized T-shirts in an effort to raise more money for the community and more awareness for the Outdoor Market itself.

“A lot of us on the committee right now are heading into our second year,” said member Kristi Holmquist. “We were trying to look at other ways to bring people to the Outdoor Market, and new ways to raise a little more money. We tossed out some ideas, and this was one of them that stuck.”

Holmquist said that in years past, the money that the Outdoor Market Committee raised went to different community organizations and events, including the Dirigo High School Boys and Girls State, the River Valley Easter Egg Hunt and the Dixfield Halloween Walk.

T-shirts in several colors and sizes will be available in the weeks leading up to the Aug. 16 event and will be displayed in the window of the former Holmes Market on Main Street.

“Jon Holmes, who owns the building, gave us permission to display the T-shirts there, which is a huge help,” Holmquist added.

The shirts, which show a drawing of stick figures holding up different signs, come in several colors, including tan, light blue, green, gray, red and pink.

The shirts were designed by Peru resident Barbara Lane, who owns Hot Colors Screen Printing and Design in Paris.

“They’re $10 for a child size, and $12 for an adult size,” Holmquist said.

Morang added that members of the committee and other volunteers will be dressed in “neon green T-shirts with the word ‘Staff’ printed on the back.”

“That way, if someone needs help with something, they’ll know exactly where to look,” Morang said.

Morang and Holmquist both said that the committee is working on putting the finishing touches on the Outdoor Market schedule.

The Outdoor Market Committee consists of several volunteers, including Holmquist, Morang, John Morang, Sonya Arsenault and Sue Arsenault. They meet again at noon Wednesday, July 29, in the basement of the Ludden Memorial Library.

Holmquist said that anybody interested in joining the committee or volunteering is welcome to attend the meeting.

For more information on the Outdoor Market, or to purchase a T-shirt in advance, call 357-5423 or 418-7756.

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