The day I wrote this it was 86 degrees and humid. It was also sunny. A beautiful day, but not for a pet left in its owner’s closed vehicle for any period of time. Even with the windows wide open, an animal can expire in a very short time.

Owners frequently say, “I only ran in for a few items,” or, “I was only gone for a few minutes.” Others insist, “My dog loves to ride in the car.”

But why take chances with a pet’s life?

If you are taking your pet for a walk away from home, go ahead, take the car and make Rover happy with a ride in the car. But, if you are taking him to the vet, drop him off at home after that, before you run those errands. And if you are going to the store, leave him at home and enjoy your time together when you get back.

Disaster can happen quicker than you think, and all the excuses in the world won’t bring your best pal back, or help you feel better.

Pat Malcolm, Lewiston

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