RUMFORD — An elderly woman was taken to the Rumford Hospital on Friday after a vehicle struck her at low speed at a downtown Rumford intersection.

Officer James McLamb said a man was driving at a low speed in a Toyota Pathfinder down Congress Street when he struck an elderly woman while she was walking into the intersection of Congress and Exchange streets.

 “The driver said that he was pulling over to the side of Congress Street to pick somebody up, and that she was in his blind spot,” McLamb said. “He said he was more focused on slowing down and pulling over, and didn’t see her stepping into the intersection.”

McLamb, who declined to provide the names of the driver or the victim without receiving permission from his sergeant, said the woman suffered injuries and was taken to Rumford Hospital by Med-Care Ambulance.

“She seemed to be in good health, and was even cracking a few jokes,” McLamb said. “However, she did say that she felt like she may have broken her leg. They’ll have to check into that at the hospital.”

An EMT employee said the woman was reporting pain in her right arm and right leg, and that she may have hit her head on the pavement.

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