JAY The town’s No. 2 Fire Station has two empty bays that could be used to house two of Livermore Falls’ firetrucks, Jay Fire Rescue Chief Mike Booker told selectpersons Monday.

Jay also has a bay that could be used at the No. 1 Fire Station in North Jay. The No. 2 station is closest to the Livermore Falls line, he said.

Booker said he has no problem with storing the trucks, but there is no empty space big enough to house Livermore Falls’ ladder truck.

Livermore Falls Town Manager Kristal Flagg is exploring all options to find space for firetrucks because the town’s insurance company wants them out of the station by Oct. 1, she said Tuesday. She was not at Monday’s meeting.

The Livermore Falls station has structural deficiencies. A Fire Department Committee is getting estimates on repairs and is also looking at the cost to build a new station.

Flagg is also looking at a temporary building that would be heated and secure to house all trucks. But that is a really expensive option, she said.


Maine Municipal Association removed collapse coverage on the station earlier this year after a preliminary engineering report was released. At the time, the town was given until March 1 to make repairs or figure out an alternative option or liability insurance would be canceled. The town was given an extension on the liability insurance until Oct. 1, Flagg said.

Jay Town Manager Shiloh LaFreniere told selectpersons Monday that she tried calling Jay’s insurance company to see what additional insurance would be needed if Livermore Falls wants to use Jay’s stations. The person she needed to speak to was not available Monday but was expected to be in Tuesday, she said.

Selectperson Steve McCourt said if additional insurance is needed, Livermore Falls could pick up the cost.

There would also be additional heating costs because “we don’t run heat on that side of the building,” Booker said.

Jay Police Department stores its ATV in a station and the Sewer Department keeps its tractor-trailer in a station, he said. Booker would look into alternative storage places for those items. The ATV could be stored at the North Jay station, he said.

Booker will work with Livermore Falls fire Chief Tim “TD” Hardy on the matter.


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