This is a response to Rep. Michel Lajoie’s letter (July 26).

Prior to becoming mayor, I served 23 years on the Lewiston Police Department and attended many training sessions in southern Maine.

Upon announcing I was from Lewiston, immediately the phrases “dumb frogs” and “dumb Frenchmen” spewed from the mouths of many of those present. Auburn Mayor Jonathan Labonte has also experienced Franco slurs during his travels in southern Maine.

Unlike the local Democratic legislators, who choose to imitate the three monkeys (see, hear and speak no evil), Gov. Paul LePage, a proud Lewistonian, chooses to respond. His use of the word “Frenchmen” is aimed, and a well-deserved dig, at those living in southern Maine. It is not a slur at Lewiston Francos.

Maybe it is time to hold those from southern Maine accountable for their disrespectful speech. After all, name-calling is hurtful.

Robert Macdonald, Lewiston

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