100 years ago, 1915
Commenting on Mayor Brann’s offer, on behalf of the city of Lewiston, of a reward for the perpetrators of the recent series of robberies and other crimes in Lewiston, the Civic League Record for August, says: — “The frequency of holdups and other crimes in Lewiston and the failure of the police to prevent these crimes have stirred up Mayor Brain to offer a reward. The interest of the mayor seems to center on Thomas McNamara who was recently robbed of a large sum of money, for he offers a reward of $300 for information leading to the conviction of those connected with the McNamara robbery, and only $100 for similar information in the case of the holdup of two others. Mr. Michaud and Mr. Robbins. There is a Thomas McNamara who pays a wholesale liquor tax and sells liquor at 49 Main street, Lewiston. Is this the man who was robbed and is the business of McNamara the cause of Mayor Brann’s $300 interest in his robbery, while he indicates only a hundred dollar interest in the harness and coal business of the other two?

50 years ago, 1965
The larceny of lawn ornaments valued at $30 from a Lewiston man’s property on the Old Lisbon Road, was reported to police authorities today. The homeowner told police that a buck deer and two pink flamingoes were stolen sometime during the past night

25 years ago, 1990
The Lewiston Department of Environmental Protection has discovered “five holes and 53 defects” in the liner of the sludge landfill remediation site on River Road, according to Mac Richardson, acting superintendent of the Lewiston-Auburn Water Pollution Control Authority. The board of directors heard the distressing news at its regular monthly meeting Friday morning.

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