100 years ago, 1915
Three lads, the oldest ten and the youngest five, had to bail for all they were worth Tuesday afternoon as the big punt they were poling along the lee shore of Lake Sabatis was caught by the wind and carried out of the reach of their poles and two miles out where a heavy sea was running. They were seen by Alec Bain and a companion, who paddled out in a canoe. The boys were frightened and not realizing the condition, were about to jump overboard believing they could swim to shore. The canoe was in some danger as the boys attempted to pile in. They were told to bail, however, and stay in the boat until some one came back to take them aboard. Bain then looked up Frank Hall, who look them ashore in his motor boat.

50 years ago, 1965
(Photo Caption ) HE’S BACK IN ACTION AGAIN — Beware of the man on the little orange scooter — he’s back in action again — full steam ahead. George Parker, enforcement officer of the Auburn Parking District, slowed somewhat when his little red scooter suffered a transmission disorder, had to hoof-it around the parking areas under his supervision. But, the District bought him a new scooter and now he’s back at it again, chalking tires, issuing tags. and having barrels of fun.

25 years ago, 1990
The Lewiston School Committee Monday will discuss raising lunch prices, changing the way the honor roll is set up at the junior high school and allowing four schools to be used as disaster shelters by the Red Cross. The committee will debate raising the price of school lunches from $1 in the elementary schools to $1.10, and from $1.15 in the junior high school and high school to $1.25. The proposed prices are in line with prices charged by other school systems in the area, according to a memo on the price hike.

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