Last month, I submitted a letter about Lewiston needing a total replacement of its mayor and City Council. After the Council’s Aug. 11 meeting, I know for sure at least four councilors have to go.

Despite the Planning Board’s advice not to purchase land on Oxford Street and Councilor Shane Bouchard’s statement that this was clearly a waste of taxpayer’s money, four of the councilors pulled an ignorant move by voting yes.

To hell with the taxpayers clearly was the message of that totally irresponsible vote.

Yes, I write a few letters to the editor. After all, I was a 27+ year veteran of Lewiston Public Works. I have seen enough waste there that I felt it was time to speak up.

I am also very familiar with the LPW equipment. Public Works officials easily pull the wool over the councilors’ eyes, but I know the truth.

By the way, Charles Soule asked a question about the life of the Lewiston landfill. With the many tractor trailer loads of out-of-state waste going into that landfill, it won’t be long until the taxpayers of Lewiston take it in the backside again.

Robert Pelletier, Lewiston

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