I hear a lot today about the need for higher wages in order to make ends meet. I ask, why have jobs moved to the South or other countries?

It is my opinion that people going on strike to gain higher wages and more benefits upsets the economy.

Employers cannot afford to pay everyone higher wages and more benefits. Prices would have to increase so that no one could buy the products needed to keep the company going.

Shareholders expect to make some profit on their investments in a company, and company owners need to make a living wage for their families, as well.

By moving elsewhere, company ownership can pay out lower wages, with no benefits, no union, and make a go of their company, and the shareholders would get a return on their investment.

When I worked, it was for low wages, with no union. I put money aside for my own health insurance and pension plan by going without other things. I always had a job until I retired and now collect my pension and Social Security. I get by without television and the money saved helps pay the bills.

The road to success is sacrifice. One cannot have everything.

Gabrielle De Moras, Lewiston

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