OLD TOWN – The Maine Department of Environmental Protection has received and started its review of the application for a planned expansion of Juniper Ridge Landfill.
Casella subsidiary NEWSME operates the landfill for the state, which acquired it from Georgia-Pacific in 2003. Its capacity has since grown from three million cubic yards that year to 10 million in 2005; Casella in 2011 sought to have 21 million cubic yards more added to the capacity, but after a lengthy review and stiff public opposition, the Maine Department of Environmental Protection decided to allow less than half the requested amount – an additional 9.35 million cubic yards of capacity.
Without the expansion, it was estimated that Juniper Ridge will be filled in about five to six years; the added 9.35 million cubic yards would mean an estimated eight to 10 more years of use there, assuming current annual disposal there stays about the same.
Casella started work on the application – which includes pieces for the expansion and a Natural Resources Protection Act permit – this winter. The application was filed two weeks ago.
Requests for the Board of Environmental Protection to assume jurisdiction or for a public hearing on the applications must be received by the Department, in writing, by the close of business on August 20 for the NRPA application and by the close of business on August 27 for the solid waste application.
On its website, the DEP states that the statutory deadline for ruling on the NRPA permit is Dec. 8. No deadline is listed for when the landfill expansion permit must be approved or denied.

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